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Mermaid Trials

It's finally getting warmer here in Southeast Michigan, which means it's time to get out and enjoy being in the fresh air again. The warm weather and fresh air have given me the creativity bug and my mind has just been over flowing with ideas for sessions I want to offer in the future. Which leads to an itching to get my kids out in front of my camera to test out new ideas, whether it be shooting so I can practice a certain look editing or just a random session idea.

Which leads me to our first mermaid trail. I got this mermaid tail last year and it just wasn't in the cards to photograph. So this year I've been poring over notebooks, and my computer planning and putting together ideas for mermaid sessions. I wanted to get my feet in the water so to speak to get used to how to shoot for these sessions as well as work on posing and check out my first location idea (which didn't work out due to the high amount of shells.)

I'm always amazed how posing, a serious expression and a little bit of photoshop can change an image so drastically. My daughter is a young teenager and when she is smiling and having fun she looks young but when I had her give me some fierce, serious faces her look changes dramatically. She goes from looking like a little girl to a grown woman. I now know that she needs to smile more for these sessions as my goal is not to make her look "sexy" in any way but also gave me a glimpse at just how stunning getting some seniors or adults in a mermaid tail will be.

I am still working on how I want to edit these sessions and am looking at different beaches so I know more trials will come but here's a sneak peak of my little mermaid.


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