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Well that wasn't what I expected....

Easter, it started out like a normal Sunday when the kids wake us up at what seems like the crack of dawn. We go downstairs and let the kids do their basket thing where they get too much candy and whine because they can't eat it all now, still everything seems normal. But then the boys started to play, flip over the couch head first playing. Then it happened, one of them started to cry because he got hurt as we expected since I had just told them 3 times to stop before they hurt themselves. What I wasn't prepared for was what happened next. My lil guy screams "BLOOD!" so naturally I grab him to see where it's coming from. Upon examination I have determined he face planed into the wood frame of the couch (we need new furniture) and knocked his front tooth back about 1/8th of an inch. It looked painful. After ice and calming everyone in the house down we decided just to go about our day and we'd take him to the dentist on Monday. Sounds like a good plan right? Wrong! Darling Hubby and I go upstairs to get ready and then we hear screaming again. We both come downstairs only to find the tooth is now missing and no where to be found. We search everywhere for this tooth and could not find it. Lil guy is happy now that it's not hurting anymore and is now excited about a visit from the tooth fairy. The rest of the day went as expected except oh yeah, I had strep throat on top of everything going on that day. Not how I intended to spend this holiday. Here's some pictures I had to take because now he's got a scraggle tooth until he gets his grown up tooth.

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