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Meet The Photographer

My name is Alicia and I am a Patient Care Coordinator by day and supermom by night.  I have two rambunctious boys and a moody, preteen girl so I am not afraid to make myself look ridiculous or uncool if it means I can get your kids to laugh. When I’m not photographing my amazing clients I am either having fun with the family or cleaning my house (did I mention my boys are five and two?)  I’d like to say that I’m wonderful housewife  or my house is a mess because my kids are making memories but alas I am not.  My house is a hotmess because I’m too tired or busy to clean it during the week or my kids trashed the family room while I attacked Mt. Dishmore in the kitchen.


When I get some alone time (finally) I’m a primetime TV junkie.  On a regular basis my DVR is set to record Code Black, Criminal Minds, How To Get Away With Murder, Madam Secretary, and The Walking Dead, just to name a few.  But don’t be fooled, I love some reality TV as well, from Dance Moms, and Bar Rescue, and Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team (I’ve been watching this show for 11 Seasons now.)  I also am a full fledged, out and proud SHARK WEEK fangirl.  Don’t laugh because chances are you know some Shark Weeks fans yourself.  By the way did you hear they are rebooting MacGyver?!  So far I’m enjoying the show I fell in love with as a five-year-old kid with a signed picture of Richard Dean Anderson.


As a born and raised Michigan girl I love my Detroit Tigers and Redwings. I am a Tigers fan through and through and love to watch, listen or go to a game whenever I can.  I may not always be up on the stats (remember, three kids) but I still love the game.  Redwings will always bring me to my feet cheering and Hockeytown will always have a special place in my heart.  My husband tries to help me with Football and I cheer for the Lions even when I have no idea what just happened. 


I will most likely ask to meet you at a coffee shop but that doesn’t mean I love coffee. I am what you call a coffeeish kind of girl, and by that I mean I like a little coffee with my cream and sugar.  Frappuccino’s are my fave and I order off the secret menu at Starbucks (don’t worry I tell the barista what’s in it.)


As a woman, I love shopping! I try to shop online for any and everything; it makes Christmas time so much more enjoyable.  If I see it in a store I check to see if amazon has it cheaper or if the store price matches Amazon (Best Buy does in case you wanted to know.)  I’m also a big fan of all the direct selling companies.   I myself use and sell Young Living Essential Oils, and Premier Designs Jewelry.  So if you are having a difficult time with accessories for your session I can help you with that.  I discovered this company Lu La Roe this year and love, love, love their clothing; I want to buy everything especially the Amelia dress (hello pockets!)


As the daughter and granddaughter of Veteran’s our love of military and country go hand in hand.  I will stop to thank a Veteran or Soldier any day of the week.  I love living the United States and do my best to make sure my children understand what the cost of those freedoms are. 

Lastly, I’m a photographer so I’m in love with light.  I look for the beauty in an abandon field, I find the way a puddle can be fun.  I’m adventurous and willing to climb a tree if it means getting the shot.  Every client and family is unique and no two client's experiences are the same.  I want to make every client feel as if they’ve known me for years.

All images on this page © Fearless Photography

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